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               The Principal’s Desk

          Dear Students, Staff, Parents, Alumni/ae, and Well Wishers,


 With profound gratitude I must confessthat I feel honoured and proud to serve and lead Khatra Adibasi Mahavidyalaya   with a noble mission of  educating and enriching economically weaker students, enlightening and empowering them. A   lush green campus spreading across 17 acres provides the essential ecosystem for imparting holistic education.  Every   blade of grass, every old rock, every crumble of the fallen leaves, every petal of the windfalls adds to the flavour of the   institution breathing values and virtues along the path of wisdom. It is my obsession for education that has driven me to   endeavour for a comprehensive and culturally receptive educational environment where every individual is given   adequate support and enthusiasm to achieve his/her objective. Meet affable teachers, and odd-looking caterpillars, this is your one step must destination in the field of higher education for all things resplendent and mesmerizing! Here tradition meets individual talent, a burst and celebration of true knowledge are never found wanting. The Khatra Adibasi Mahavidyalaya learning experience is unique in its blend of the antique and the modern, providing a safe space for academic exploration and emancipated cognition.


Teaching-Learning with its critical appraisal blended with appropriate remedial measures is at the core of the institutional ethos. We follow a student-centric approach. Teachers are trained as empowered agents to bring social change. The classroom is looked upon as a site of engaged learning, reflective action and participatory pedagogy. We havestate of the art seminar halls, open space and common rooms. We also take pride in being an environmentally conscious institution. 


Today we can boast of a well-established, web-based students and staff centric EnterpriseResource Planning, ERP,system that makes all studentstaff related data vis-à-vis assignments, attendance, tutorials, etc. available online in real time. ERP ensures transparency, accuracy and ease of data management. Students are encouraged to get issued their login ID / password (for SIS) immediately after admission.


A pioneering landmark initiative of the College is the establishment of the Language Lab which will serve as a hub for knowledge exchange at various levels. The Language Lab will work as a knowledge integration system that will facilitate multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary conceptualizations for students to develop extra skills. 


Alongside its rigorous academic standards, the college maintains a vibrant tradition of co-curricular activities with its two active wings of NSS and NCC platform. Students also get the opportunity to complement their academic lives with active engagement in the fields of real social life interactions. The college vast greenery and open space,if required, could be equipped with latest sound and projection systems to facilitate a plethora of academic and co-curricular exchanges.


This College is well known for offering a state of art infrastructure to meet the pedagogic and research needs of its students and faculty members. These include a well-stocked Central Library and a Book Bank for economically disadvantaged students.


As Principal, I invite all students at Khatra Adibasi Mahavidyalaya to communicate directly with me. On your personal homepage, click ‘Principal Direct’ and feel free to share problems/issues with me. Of course, you are always free to meet me personally in my office after taking an appointment.


However, we are never complacent in our vision to achieve extra-ordinary success in the field of higher education and we constantly strive ourselves, in order to serve the community with the very best education. I am confident that with the support of our Governing Body, our students, staff, parents, alumni/ae, well-wishers, we will continue to flourish and prosper and serve the society at large.


 I welcome the new batch of students and invite them to embark on an intellectually invigorating journey with us.


           With best wishes



          Dr. Nityananda Patra


          Khatra Adibasi Mahavidyalaya



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